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5 Year Anniversary

The BDGF and I turn 5. So Red 5 standing by...

Happy Birthday BDGF

Someday, Jack White will get to see all of the pics I drew of him and he will have me summarily executed. .

Yuri's Night

The BDGF wanted to have a Yuri's Night party, so I made some premotional material.

Happy Valentimes!

There's an explanation for the BDGF's card that I'll spare you (outside of the obv.) The rest speak for themselves hopefully.

Hooray Perspicacity!

The BDGF's oldest got into Michigan. I had to whip this out quick, it says "Yay Cassidy! Now we can see each other all the time around time and have lunch on South U three times a week!" "I'm going to Brown." ."

Go get 'em Sid

From Sid's study-up package for his first bout of finals. He's the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, which I'm told isn't obvious?

Merry Xmas BDGF

And since it was her fault, this was second.

Merry Xmas Damma

The BDGF told me to star tpainting again. This present for her mother was my first undertaking in about a decade.

Astro BDGF

A little doodle I did to cheer up the BDGF when she was having a bad week .

Graduation 2013 - Part 1

I took on painting for Sid's graduation.


Graduation 2013 - Part 2

...and the cutouts for the centerpieces.

Mother's Day 2013

NASA doesn't take donations, so the BDGF got a membership to the Planetary Society (of which Bill Nye (Science Guy) is CEO).

Happy Birthday BDGF

While I did note on the back of the card that the rocket was not to scale, I did not caveat using the phrase "blast off" which I knew I would catch hell for, and of course did.


Wishing the girls luck at the State math tournament. They of course didn't need it.


I made this quick doodle for Sid when he got his acceptance letter. I wrote something really sappy on the back telling him how proud I am of him, which I thankfully keep from you here.

Happy Valentine's 2013

The BDGF dreams of getting drum lessons from Jack White in Nashville next. I illustrate how that could possibly happen.

Merry Christmas 2012

The BDGF desperately wanted a $500 desktop jellyfish aquarium for Xmas. She also apparently needed someone with a degree in marine biology to take care of it, as jellyfish aren't easily kept in small confined spaces. Alas she didn't get one, which I acknowledged in her 2012 card.


Holidays at the bar

Shoreline Brewery covers their tables in brown paper, encouraging ADD folks like me to draw on them. THe kids want a convertible and the BDGF has wrinkly hair. You'll have to trust me that it was funny at the time.

Mother's Day 2012

Sticky, needy children are the worst. Happy Mother's Day sweetheart.

Happy Birthday BDGF

My ode to Jack White slowly morphing into a vampire, and my wife's persistent crush.

Valentines 2012

The BDGF decided at some point that the kids need hand made cards too, thus hastening me running out of ideas exponentially.

Who wants a drink?

This was done over the summer when the BDGF and I went to a pub with the eldest little one. We drank, she could not, so I drew her emotions on the tablecloth.

Someone doesn't text back

I quickly drew this years and years ago to remind Siddhartha that he needed to respond to my queries when he was home by himself. I saw it the other day still hanging in his room, after two moves. It made me giggle.

A BDGF Surprise

I put every Mythbusters episode on a portable hard drive for the BDGF so that she could placate her kids on rainy days or just give them a treat once in a while. This is the card that accompanied that.

Baby Stov

A card for Stov's baby shower. I feel a little bad about how ridiculous I made him look. But not really.

Sid's Birthday

Sid got a scooter for Easter, and private tennis lessons during the summer. That means for his birthday he got his card. Sorry kid (but not that sorry).

Niece's Birthday

The BDGF put together gift bags for my nieces who are 8/8/10 respectively. I contributed by making cartoon tags of them.

C+C Care package
July 2011

The BDGF sends the girls care packages when they are out in Oregon. I drew these to throw in there and tell them we miss them. That's what I think Chloe dreams about, and that's Cassidy's bed without her lying in it and texting, which just isn't right.


Nephew's Wedding
July 2011

I was in a card making flurry, so I did this for my nephew's wedding. I don't know why his legs are so short, but I pretty much nailed the dress, which is impressive.

End of School
June 2011

I made this to celebrate the BDGF's completion of another school year. As if not having to wake up before noon for two months isn't reward enough...

Mother's Day
May 2011

My Brady Bunch themed card for Mother's Day 2011. The guy's side has less living things in it, so I included our baggage of video games and the love of Tom Brady, because you know, Brady tie-in.

BDGF birthday
March 2011

I got the BDGF a swing for her birthday this year (OK a glider, since we don't have a place to hang a swing). So this one was a little obvious, sue me.

Valentine's Day
February 2011

I got the BDGF several White Stripes related gifts for Valentine's Day, so I figured keeping things red and white was appropriate.

Mother's Day
May 2010

This wil lalways be one of my favorites. I don't know where I got the idea to dress Sid and I in the girls' clothes, but I find it hilarious even if I have lots of problems with the execution.

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